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Clipsal Gets Behind Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Clipsal by Schneider Electric is backing photoelectric smoke alarms as a superior option to ionisation smoke alarms, discontinuing the sale of ionisation smoke alarms.

Announcing the move, Clipsal states “photoelectric alarms are more advanced at detecting smoke from smouldering fires, which are most often associated with residential fatalities”.

“Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s commitment is in line with the Queensland government’s recent legislation change proposes to mandate the installation of photoelectric smoke alarms in all new homes from 2017,” Clipsal states.

“When legislation changes, leasers in that state will be required to install a photoelectric smoke alarm any time they are replacing an existing alarm from 2017, and owners who offer a house for sale or rent will need to install photoelectric alarms by 2022.”

Clipsal notes that the Fire Protection Association Australia also believes all residential buildings should be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms.

“The Fire and Rescue NSW Investigation and Research Unit have also indicated that photoelectric alarms are less likely to falsely trigger than ionisation alarms in and around kitchens and bathrooms,” Clipsal states.

“This is important as a high incidence of false alarms leads to occupant complacency and an incentive to disconnect the alarm.”

David Gardner, vice president Clipsal and Schneider Electric Partner Business at Schneider Electric, stated that Clipsal has made the decision “to promote the use of photoelectric smoke alarms in homes to make sure Australians are getting the best protection possible”.

“Smoke alarms are a critical early warning device for occupants to alert them to a fire hazard,” Gardner commented.

“They are essential for smouldering fires, which are responsible for a large number of fire fatalities, as sleeping occupants are unaware of the accumulating carbon monoxide and other smoke-related toxins.

“Smoke alarms also provide a warning of flaming fires, which is a time-critical scenario. The importance of smoke alarms cannot be underestimated.”


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