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Red WD Hard Drive (+DropBox Back-Up) $139

Red WD Hard Drive (+DropBox Back-Up) $139

Western Digital new hard drives My Passport Ultra has super-fast USB 3.0, WD SmartWare Pro software which gives auto backup and cloud backup via Dropbox, so you won’t ever lose images or other content. 

It also has hardware encryption and password protection, meaning you can secure your system from unauthorised users.  

The hard drive comes in 500 GB, 1 TB and new 2TB capacities, and four colours including cool red (our favourite), blue and black shades. 

The 500GB will set you back $139 and the massive 1TB hard drive will cost $179, but no word on how much the monster 2TB is. 
Western Digital have designed Ultra to be slim and compact, so handy for travelling, and comes with a protective pouch. 

It also has a 3-year limited warranty. 

“Adding WD SmartWare Pro technology with auto backup and password protection to one of the industry’s fastest interfaces and largest capacity drives gives consumers the peace of mind to enjoy, share, and protect their personal digital content everywhere they go,” says Jim Welsh, executive vice president of WD’ consumer electronics.