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Telstra 4G Hits Hong Kong @ High Speed

Telstra 4G Hits Hong Kong @ High Speed

Telstra 4G customers can now access high-speed services in Hong Kong.

A 4G international roaming agreement between Telstra and Hong Kong CSL was announced today, as the major telcos up the ante on 4G as its popularity catches up to 3G and 3G+ networks.

Telstra – who launched the first 4G LTE service in OZ eighteen months ago – already has one million customers using either mobile, tablet or 4G dongles and Wi-Fi 4G hotspots.

Telstra 4G customers travelling in Hong Kong will experience faster data speeds compared to 3G roaming service, said Mike Wright, Executive Director Networks and Access Technologies.

4G users will experience better service when video streaming, surfing the net or downloading large files on their mobile wherever CSL has 4G coverage, said Wright.

Telstra is the first local operator to offer 4G LTE international roaming.Pricing for 4G international roaming will remain the same as the current 3G offering.

Telstra is working on similar agreements with operators in other countries with compatible 4G networks, meaning the 4G service will be going much further afield, pretty soon.

“We’re pleased by this offering and the opportunities it presents for our customers,” said Telstra’s network boss.

“The 4G LTE International Roaming agreement with Telstra is a further step to 4G becoming a mature mobile network technology.”