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Optus Chops 300 Jobs

Optus Chops 300 Jobs
Optus Chops 300 JobsThe changes announced last week, “finalise the shape of the restructure” it announced last month, Optus said, and also announced the end of third party door-to-door sales.

The telco is also shifting its focus to fixed line services as NBN is being rolled out.

Optus has appointed Martin Mercer, as Managing Director, Strategy & Fixed to lead its fixed line business and ensure it is well-placed to play a significant role in future business strategy.

“This new structure underpins Optus’ commitment to growing its fixed line business. The opportunities presented by the NBN provide Optus with real potential for growth,” Mercer said.

“Fixed is at the heart of our business. Optus was established on the back of providing choice in fixed line telephony.”

Optus is also moving to improve direct customer communication through a dedicated brand/marketing comms group, and other op’s changes including alignment of IT and Network functions.

Today’s announcement follows Optus’ customer-centric retail transformation which was announced last year the addition of 33 new stores, a refresh of the branded ‘yes’ stores , the first of which was opened earlier this month, retraining 4,500 retail staff and the addition of 200 new staff.