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12GB Surfing For $65?

12GB Surfing For $65? The cut price new $65 plan for a massive 12GB mobile broadband on USB stick or Pocket WiFi. 

The new price point is on top of Voda’s existing plans including $20 for 2.5GB, $30 for 4GB and $45 for 8GB. 
Compare this to Optus’ mobile broadband plan which costs $25 for 1.5GB and $65 for 10GB, and Telstra 1GB for $25, 4GB for $35 and 15GB for $95, Vodafone definitely has better value.

It also claims average download speeds at 30Mbps are faster than the average of five leading fixed broadband services. 
The Vodafone Pocket Wifi (4G) is now on offer for half price (now $84.50), on 12 and 24 month contracts until 29 April, and are offering a 15% discount on its mobile broadband subscription to all current customers until 2 April. 
You will also have to pay $3-$5 per month for either the USB stick or pocket WiFi modem, both of which are ‘Cat 4’ enabled. 
The Pocket WiFi can be used as a portable hotspot, allowing up to ten devices to hook up to the service at once. A ‘Cat 4’ device can reach theoretical download speeds up to 150Mbps.
“Our customers told us that their need for data – especially for mobile broadband services – has increased since last year’s launch of our new 4G network,” said Kim Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone.
“We continue to expand our 4G network coverage and currently offer the fastest 4G data speeds in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and lets customers surf the web high speed.”
By the end of 2014 it is expected that there will be more mobile subscriptions than the global population, according to according to telecom analyst Paul Budde.
Vodafone are also offering its Network guarantee letting customers cancel their service within the first 30 days.