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Twitter Offers Longform Tweets, Forgets The Appeal Of Twitter

The beauty of Twitter lie in its inbuilt limitations, but the company seems to be forgetting this, launching Twitter Notes, which allows writers to post longform pieces on Twitter.

The new feature falls under the newly-created Twitter Write banner, and is currently being tested with a small group of writers.

“Twitter Write is a composer tool that lets writers create stories and other longform content, called Notes, for their followers to engage with—all on Twitter,” the company explains.

“We’re currently running a closed test with a small group of writers who will help us learn how best to support people who come to write on Twitter.”

It seems to be a play to compete with Medium and other blogging platform, especially given this note on the FAQs: “Notes will have unique URLs that people can navigate to from outside of the Twitter platform, whether or not they are logged in to Twitter, and even if they do not have a Twitter account.”


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