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Fitbit Ups The Ante On Sleep Tracking

Fitbit, who first introduced sleep tracking back in 2009, has today announced the launch of Sleep Profile, a premium feature that will give users even more feedback on how they sleep.

The new feature tracks sleep schedule variability, how long it takes you to start sleeping soundly, and when your sleep becomes disrupted, on top of the standard sleep tracking features already available such as duration, restfulness, and REM sleep. Individual night data becomes instantly available the next morning.

At the end of each month (provided you have worn your Fitbit device to bed at least 14 times that month), Sleep profile will analyze the collected data and compare it with other users before providing a final report and assigning the user one of six animals that reflects their sleeping habits.

Animals include a Giraffe, Bear, Dolphin, Hedgehog, Parrot and Tortoise. While the animal assigned is likely to change month to month, and Fitbit says no animal is better than another, the system provides an easy and fun way for users to understand how they sleep, and how they can best improve to prevent sleep related health risks.

Sleep Profile will be available to Fitbit premium subscribers from July 4. Compatible devices include Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 2.

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