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Has Kogan Duped Customers?

Having lured 110,000 mobile users onto its cheap network plans, Kogan has backtracked. 

Last week, it axed Kogan Mobile’s existing mobile plans and upped the price by 33%, notifying users in an email. 
It killed the $29 pm plan, replacing it with $39 plan offering “unlimited” call, texts and 6GN data (but you can only use 400MB per day).
It also upped the cost of the 90 days plan by $20 to $99. 
Kogan initially lured consumers to the mobile service promising cheap prices “unlimited” service, but then proceeded to cut subscribers, who were taking the unlimited mantra, literally. 

Kogan Mobile has 110,000 active customers, currently. 
Several customers contacted Channel News airing their dismay at Kogans Mobile 33% price hike.
Others on Whirpool forum were far from happy, either. 
“Not putting up with this nonsense – 30 odd percent is rubbish. 4 plans soon to be ported to Boost. $1 more, better service, better network….” one wrote. 
Several Kogan customers have pointed towards a move to Aldi network. 
Another wrote: “Kogan must be crazy since they have completely missed the point (or forgotten) of why people jumped over to them in the first place.” 
“I for one will be leaving. A $10 increase and still the same 400mb daily limit. Aldi or Boost are looking better value now,” yet another annoyed users said. 

When contacted by Channel News,  Kogan spokesperson pointed out the original price points “were marked as introductory special offer” when the service was launched last year. 

In the email sent to custoemers last week, the etailer insists its annual package which now costs $329 – an $30 increase – is  “by far, the leading mobile deal around.”