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Vodafone’s Red-volution: Unlimited Data + ‘No Bill Shock’?


Vodafone today launched new SIM-only and postpaid Red mobile plans with ‘up to’ 60% more mobile data on higher tier plans.

The troubled telco is letting customers use as much data as they like during the first two months of a ‘Red’ plan to figure how much data they need over 12/24 months. Called ‘Data Workout’ its for the first two months of a plan only and early exit fees apply. 
Data Workout will help customers understand their data usage patterns and is part of several anti bill-shock measures, announced today. Customers can check usage via MyVodafone app. 
New and upgrading Vodafone customers can fight ‘bill shock’ with automatic $10 Data Top-Up, which gives 1GB of data, when if they use up all data allowances, so wont be charged excessive fees. $5 will get you 400MB data and 2.5GB more internet costs $20. 
Vodafone also claim all new Red plans are more generous with up to 60 per cent more data. However, this appears to be on more pricier plans only – the $60 plan still has 1.5GB data but the $100 plan now has 6GB data, and the $80 plan has 1.5GB more data, at 4GB. 
Voda’s Sim-only plan data has also got a boost – the $50 plan now has 3GB mobile internet. 
lightning-fast 4G network has opened up a world of possibilities, but more than
ever, it is important for customers to know how much data they really need to
use their mobile confidently,” said Vodafone’s chief marketing officer, Kim Clarke.

“Vodafone has always been known for offering great value, which, combined with our superfast 4G network, we believe is going to be highly appealing for data lovers.”  
Vodafone’s Red plans continue to offer Infinite minutes of standard talk and TXT within Australia including 13 and 1800 numbers, $5-a-day international roaming , and Tassie base customer service.