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Tom Tom Set To Lose Their Way, As Apple Head In Different Direction

Navigation brands such as Navman and Tom Tom are struggling as consumers use their in-car mapping, iPhones and Android devices to navigate instead of a proprietary mapping solution.

At the weekend shares in European Company Tom Tom slumped after it was revealed that Apple plans to rebuild its Maps application for iPhones with its own data, putting the companies’ long-running partnership with Tom Tom at risk according to Bloomberg.

When it launched in 2007, Apple’s iPhone used a Maps application powered by data from Google.

Amid its fight over smartphones, Apple dropped Google Maps in 2012 and launched a redesigned Maps app with data primarily provided by Amsterdam, Netherlands-based TomTom, now that is supplier is set to dumped after their offering received bad reviews from all corners of the world.

Now it’s been revealed that for the past few years, Apple has been building a custom maps infrastructure, drawing from its network of more than 1 billion iPhones and information collected from vans touring the globe with cameras and high-tech sensors.

Apple will begin rolling out its new data through this year’s iOS 12 iPhone and iPad software upgrade, beginning with cities in the USA TechCrunch reported.

The redesigned app will provide higher-resolution satellite images and on the ground data. Apple has a team of satellite imagery experts and another team working on collecting data via drones.

Tom Tom stock has dropped 6 percent this year and is tipped to fall further this week as European markets open on the Apple News.

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