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Plug, a brand-new consumer electronics and appliance magazine has gone live in Australia, with both The Good Guys, JB Hi Fi and Virgin Australia delivering the interactive digital publication to their customers.

The publication which is “live” in 74 sections of The Good Guys web site as well as in the Home section of the JB HI Fi web site is now available to over 3.5M consumers who shop online, the first issue of the four times a year publication covers both large and small appliances as well as Stick Vacs and gas cooking.

The publication is also available as a download for Qantas customers and can also be accessed from both the ChannelNews and SmartHouse web sites.

Research conducted by both Deloitte and PWC reveal that more than 62% of consumers start their shopping journey on a retailer’s web site and the combination of good information marketing material and independent editorial similar to what 4Square Media deliver across both Plug, SmartHouse and SoundMag is what consumers want today in place of advertising claims Deloitte research.

Consumers empowered with the ability to search for information still don’t trust a manufacturer or retailer, but they do independent content organisations, research reveals.

“On average we get around a 6.5% opening rate for SmartHouse Magazine and we believe that because of the focused editorial that we are delivering via the new Plug magazine this could rise with the new publication” said Publisher and Editorial Director David Richards.

“Retailers are not strong marketers of information. They primarily concentrate on price driven activities. What we are delivering for both The Good Guys and JB Hi Fi is focused editorial, video’s and direct links to a SKU, this helps consumers as they navigate around a site looking for information”.

“As a publisher we are reaching known consumers who are either shopping or travelling. Most publishers are relying on social media to deliver an audience which is why a lot of niche or vertical market media Companies are struggling or cannot deliver a large or relevant audience. They are having to compete with millions of competitors online”.

“We are delivering relevant information right inside a retail SKU and in a trusted third party publication”.

On each page of Plug there are three tabs (seen above) which send you to either a brand’s website, the product on The Good Guys/JB Hi-Fi site or plays a video relevant to the product on the page. Each page has tailored tabs enhancing your reading experience and making it more interactive.



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