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Today’s Nintendo Switch Presentation To Reveal Critical Information

Nintendo will live stream a presentation worldwide at 3pm today (AEDT) to reveal key information about the Nintendo Switch, including pricing and a release date.

It is likely the information revealed will determine the initial success of the console, with pricing and games available at launch expected to particularly influence the decision of consumers.

While pricing information has yet to be revealed, Nintendo is said to be targeting a lower price point than both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Japanese Newspaper Nikkei predicts the console will be priced at about ¥25,000, or around $290. Meanwhile, rumours out of the US have indicated two separate bundles could be released for US$249 and US$299, which would put the price between $350-$450 in Australia.

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch are already available from some Australian retailers, with both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games currently listing the console with a placeholder price.

The presentation will be live streamed in the video below from 3PM Sydney time:

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