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Tile Trackers Now Google Assistant Ready

Following from the initial announcement in early September, Tile’s integration with Google Assistant has quietly been enabled, making it much simpler to use the service.

Tile is now officially a first-party Home Automation partner with Google Assistant ecosystem and users can now ask Google Assistant, via their phone or a Google Nest and other Assistant-capable devices, to directly find their missing items.

The new integration allows users to directly pair their Tile to Google Assistant and users will no longer need to use a phone’s Bluetooth to track and locate missing objects.

This means users now need to ask Google directly to locate the object instead of having to go the extra effort of asking Assistant to communicate to Tile separately.

To add ‘Tile’ to Google Assistant, users simply need to connect the two via the Google Home app, where Tile is now found under the list of partners when adding a new device.

Once connected, Google Nest devices can locate the trackers using its Bluetooth, cutting the need to use the Tule app on your smartphone.

The integration makes Tile the second Bluetooth tracker device to be directly supported by Google Assistant, with Chipolo also officially integrated to the ecosystem.

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