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“This Is A Dangerous Idea”: 44 Attorneys General Urge Zuckerberg To Kill ‘Instagram For Kids’ Plans

New York Attorney General Letitia James and a coalition of 44 other Attorneys General wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to discontinue plans for an Instagram for under 13s.

“Without a doubt, this is a dangerous idea that risks the safety of our children and puts them directly in harm’s way,” said the letter. 

“Not only is social media an influential tool that can be detrimental to children who are not of appropriate age, but this plan could place children directly in the paths of predators. There are too many concerns to let Facebook move forward with this ill-conceived idea, which is why we are calling on the company to abandon its launch of Instagram Kids.

“We must continue to ensure the health and wellness of our next generation and beyond.”

In a congress hearing in March, Zuckerberg denied that social media was inherently harmful to children.

Attorney General James disagrees, citing “strong data and research” that steps out the link between “young people’s use of social media and an increase in mental distress, self-injurious behavior, and suicidality,” saying in particular, that Instagram has been “frequently flagged for increasing suicidal ideation, depression, and body image concerns in children.”

Read the full letter here.


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