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The Next iPhone Might Not Be So Different After All

If you’re one of the many holding out hope that Apple will take the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017 to unveil some major technical or design innovation for the company’s flagship smartphone, you’re out of luck according to new reports.

Citing sources in Taiwan, Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara has claimed that 2017 will see Apple roll out an iPhone 7S, rather than a full-blown iPhone 8.

The 7S is said to arrive with a new red color variation and upgraded processor but little in the way of aesthetic or design improvements.

This would mark the fourth year in a row Apple have opted for subtler, less visible changes in their premier handset.

It is worth noting that the Mac Otakara reports regarding the 7S make little mention of the rumored high-end iPhone being added to the company’s lineup next year.

At this stage, it’s quite possible that customers could very well be in line for both an orthodox and more-innovative offering from Apple. Launching three devices rather than the usual two could very well be a way of pushing back against falling sales.

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