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iPhone 7 Sales Start To Collapse As Apple Scales Back Production

With retailers and carriers in Australia reporting slowing sales of the iPhone 7, it’s been revealed that Apple has started to slash production numbers.

Orders with manufacturers for the next six months are down 5M units when compared with the last six months of 2016.

According to DigiTimes the initial shipment momentum of the iPhone 7 was in part driven by strong demand for the jet-black iPhone 7 models and in part by the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, said sources.

Demand for the iPhone 7 devices in China, Europe and Australia and other markets have fallen back since the launch of the iPhone 7 less than three months ago, sources said.

Instead of paying attention to sales performance of the iPhone 7 devices, component suppliers and consumers alike have been shifting their focus to the next generation iPhone to be released in 2017, DigiTimes said.

Insiders claim that that the next generation iPhone will come with OLED displays, glass cases, dual-lens cameras, enhanced CPUs, and advanced sensors, while supporting mixed reality (MR) and wireless charging technologies.

A lot of this technology is already available in Android based smartphones.