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Vodafone Calls PrePaid Users, Drops Rates

Vodafone Calls PrePaid Users, Drops Rates

Vodafone has lowered its prepaid international call rates to 12 countries in Asia, Middle East and Germany. 

According to the telco, the new rates make Vodafone the most affordable prepaid provider in Australia for calls to 12 countries: Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey and Jordan. 

Mobile-to-mobile rates include Thailand for 2c per minute to mobiles, Lebanon 18c and 1c to German landlines. 

Vodafone is also offering prepaid customers a bonus 250MB of data for all international recharges of $20 and over, until 3rd March.

 “Our prepaid customers want to be able to call family and friends overseas without worrying about the calls chewing through their credit. We’ve seen an increase in mobile to mobile calls internationally and we want to make it more affordable for our customers to stay connected,” said Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke.

“Australia is a multi-cultural country and we’re proud of that. Vodafone is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world and we are passing on our international advantage to our customers by offering them the best rates in the Australia.” 

“This is just another bonus for our prepaid customers, many of whom are loyal and have been with Vodafone for years. It’s another step in making our prices, service and offers as easy, clear and transparent as possible,” said Clarke. 

Vodafone has made a major play for roaming customers, of late, offer $1 capped calls to India, China, New Zealand, UK, USA & Singapore.