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Telstra To Reward Fully-Vaxxed Customers

Telstra has announced that all its fully vaccinated customers will receive 2,500 Telstra Plus Points, which are equal to around $25, and be entered into a massive draw to win 100 million points.

This is CEO Andy Penn’s latest bid to get Australians vaccinated.

“We need urgent action to get COVID under control, and that involves all of us coming together to get vaccinated,” Penn wrote in a blog post.

“Doing this will make an incredible difference – it will help to protect each other, lessen the financial hardship on families, and reduce the toll on our wellbeing caused by the uncertainty and isolation from rolling lockdowns.

“To help out, we will be rewarding those who roll up their sleeves, and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated for the good of the nation.”

Never one to alienate its customer base, Penn also announced all Telstra Plus members, regardless of whether they get the jab, will be gifted a ‘digital care package’ of a Telstra TV Box Office movie, food delivery discounts, and discounts in the company’s online store.

“We know some of our customers may not choose to or be able to get vaccinated, but the results of our employee offer have shown there’s a groundswell of support and understanding that increasing the vaccination rate is our best way forward – and we feel it’s important to spread that message.”

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