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Apple Watch Adding Blood Monitor, Fertility Tools

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s innovations in the health sector will be its “greatest contribution to mankind” and it would appear that the Apple Watch, with its tagline “the future of health in on your wrist”, is going to be the company’s leading product in this regard.

Now, WSJ cite internal documents that reveal that Apple is working on a blood pressure monitor, and a wrist thermometer to help with fertility planning.

This is in addition to previous patents and leaks that show Apple is also working on oxygen monitors, better heart rate monitors, more advanced sleep tracking, and various other health applications.

The fertility feature could be available as soon as next year, according to WSJ, although none of these will make it to the initial OS in the Apple Watch Series 7, which is coming this month.

Apple is also hoping to develop monitors for sleep apnea, and diabetes.


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