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SYDNEY: In a bid to alleviate problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic which is forcing people forced to work from home, Telstra yesterday said it will give its consumer and small business customers unlimited data until the end of April, while pensioners will receive unlimited home phone calls.

“The data, which will be provided automatically, will help facilitate videoconferencing; voice over Wi-Fi, and cloud connectivity, all important tools when working from home or in isolation,” Telstra chief Andy Penn said.

“We are also giving our consumer and small business mobile customers more data.

“Post-paid customers (both handheld and mobile broadband) can receive an extra 25GB of data on their plan to use in Australia within 30 days to facilitate the need for a more mobile workforce,” he added. 

“Post-paid customers can apply for the extra data via our Telstra 24×7 and My Telstra Apps from Thursday until March 31 and the data will be available within 24 hours.”

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