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Telstra NRL Live Pass App A Massive Rip Off

The Telstra NRL app is one big con if you are outside of Australia, why am I not surprised when Telstra is behind it.

Keen to watch the recent Manly South’s game while in Bodrum Turkey I decided to subscribe to a 12-month $99 subscription to the NRL app only to discover that after Telstra took my money and after asking me to confirm my location, they did not let me access the stream after several attempts.

When I decided to cancel the subscription, I was taken back to the Google App store and told the subscription would be cancelled in 12 months’ time.

The big question is why does Telstra not have a disclaimer when they are taking your money that the app will not work overseas? and after failing to deliver a paid for service why can’t subscribers opt out as per the offer made when subscribing.

This is an issue that the NRL needs to take up with Telstra or the Australian Competition Commission needs to take up with both organizations.

I for one need this service when I am travelling not when I am watching NRL on  Foxtel in Australia.

If you want to subscribe to a sports app forget this offering, I suggest you go straight to the Foxtel Kayo app.

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