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Telstra Network Crashes Again NBN Blamed

Telstra the carrier who loves to brag that they have the “Best” broadband network in Australia is down again.

Residents on Sydney’s North Shore have been without a broadband NBN feed for more than 12 hours. Telstra is blaming the NBN but a search of the NBN site is not revealing any outages.

It was only last week that Telstra CEO Andy Penn, was desperately trying to defend his 4G network after Australians were left without the ability to dial 000.

One NSW resident ended up with burns to 40% of his body after his wife had to drive to the local fire station to get help because of Telstra’s failure to be able to provide a reliable emergency service network in Australia.

On Sydney’s North Shore business have had to run up their mobile data bills just to get access to a network.

A message on the Telstra web site says ‘Yes there is an outage, at this location and it is affecting your Internet service.

For NBN customers who bought into Telstra’s premium NBN package that included phone calls, they have been left without broadband and voice calling capability.

Telstra has not been able to explain why it takes more than 12 hours to fix a local broadband problem. Their website is blaming the NBN for the problem.

In relation to the Telstra 000 outage, the Government has confirmed it will conduct an investigation into Telstra’s triple-0 outage which saw emergency calls from around the country go unanswered.

Telstra is under pressure to explain how damage to one cable in regional New South Wales caused the outage in a number of states, and a spokesman for the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield confirmed it had begun asking questions.

“The Department of Communications is conducting the investigation into the network outage which impacted the delivery of calls to triple zero on the 4th of May,” the spokesman said in a statement.

“The Department will seek information from Telstra and assistance from the [Australian Communications and Media Authority] in the conduct of the investigation.”

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