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Telstra Pissed Off Over Optus’ mmWave 5G Announcement

Yesterday, Optus announced that it had switched on its first six mmWave 5G sites in Australia: four Sydney sites at Kings Cross, Surry Hills, North Ryde, and Optus Sydney Campus, plus a Melbourne site at Huntingdale and one at Strathpine in Brisbane.

After we reported on this, a Telstra spokesperson contacted us with the following snarky rejoinder:

“Instead of making an announcement about a handful of sites, we’ve been busy deploying nearly 50 mmWave sites on our network across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and even into regional areas like Goulburn.

“We’re also the only Australian telco to have a mmWave-ready device already in market and, because coverage matters, we are on track to deliver access to 5G to 75% of Australians where they live by the end of June.”

Shot have been fired. Stay tuned.

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