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Telstra Debuts $199 Unlimited Mobile Data Plan

Dubbed an interesting move by some, Telstra has today unveiled its new $199 “Ultimate” mobile plan – Australia’s most expensive uncapped ‘unlimited’ mobile data deal.

The latest initiative forms part of the “Telstra 2022” strategy, which seeks to streamline mobile offers within the next three years.

Contrary to rival ‘unlimited’ data offers, the $199 Ultimate plan does not feature a speed cap, however, is “not shareable”, restricted to “personal [smartphone] use” and is governed by a “FairPlay” policy.

Set to be Telstra’s most expensive consumer plan, the deal will cost consumers $4,776 across 24 months.

The new Ultimate plan will reportedly target top-end customers – those who value unrestricted, consistently high Telstra 4GX data speeds.

As previously reported, Telstra has pledged to slash its mobile plans from over 1,800 to under 20 by 2022.

New BYO plans start at $49/month, with $69 and above including a “Peace of Mind” feature to prevent excess data charges. The deal offers ‘back-up’ data for an additional $10, however, is bundled into some deals.

Revamped ‘mobile lease’ plans have also been unveiled, from $59 for a ‘Small’ plan with 3GB data.

Further information is available on Telstra’s website here.

The controversial “Telstra 2022” plan will involve a $5 billion update investment to Telstra’s core network, in a bid to increase mobile capacity and prepare for 5G.

As previously reported, Telstra has begun its associated redundancy process, which will cull around 8,000 staff members (a quarter of its workforce) by 2022.

Telstra Chief, Andy Penn, has also flagged further plan changes in October, with the option to customise home and mobile packages alongside entertainment options.

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