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3-in-1 Aussies Drop Brands For Bad Delivery

Latest research reveals 3-in-1 Aussies end their relationship with brands [or retailers] after poor delivery, with 26 – 33 years olds the least likely to continue buying.

As per Zoom2u‘s recent report, 39% of local 18 – 25 year olds will not buy from a brand after a bad delivery experience, followed by 36% of 42 – 49 year olds.

Interestingly, a notable 11% of Aussies claim they’re regularly disappointed by delivery services.

Zoom2u Founder and CEO, Steve Orenstein, asserts its evident “now more than ever” that high-quality delivery experiences are “crucial” for future purchases.

“The fact that over 20% of Australian companies have lost sales due to offering a disappointing delivery service, highlights how important it is to get it right after the product has left the store, or risk damaging brand reputation and further loyalty,” he adds.

Orenstein affirms a high-quality delivery experience ensures customers walk away with positive brand sentiment, with delivery a crucial aspect of how brands/retailers “stand out”.

He claims a premium delivery service is complemented by an in-depth knowledge of a brand’s audience, seamless user experience and targeted support services.

Zoom2U‘s data was gathered by The Digital Edge Research Company, following an analysis of over 1,000 Australians in June 2018.

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