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Telstra Customers Take Advantage Of Free Data

Telstra Customers Take Advantage Of Free Data

Telstra customers took advantage of the telco’s free data offer yesterday, run as an apology for its mobile outage last week, downloading 1,841 terabytes of data.

Telstra was last Tuesday hit by a nationwide network outage, impacting its mobile voice and data services, with Telstra chief operations officer Kate McKenzie subsequently announcing the day of free mobile data on Sunday.

Telstra Operations group managing director of networks Mike Wright has advised via a blog post that the telco’s “Australian network had its busiest day ever yesterday”.

Wright wrote that traffic jumped as soon as midnight ticked over, with weekday peak traffic levels being reached by 8am and climbing rapidly from there.

The free offer included all mobile data used by Telstra’s personal customers, business customers, prepaid customers, mobile broadband customers and customers with Telstra’s retail partner Boost.

“Over the course of the day we had twice as much traffic as we would normally see on a Sunday (or any day),” Wright wrote.

“As we anticipated, the high demand meant some customers had slower-than-normal data speeds on 4G services, but overall the network performed as designed.”


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