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Telehealth: Tech Healthcare Products To Monitor Your Health From Home

two hands holding a withings smart thermometer

As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to flood the healthcare system, Australian consumers have been stocking up on telehealth tech products that allow you to monitor some aspects of your health without having to visit a doctor in person. These products are also useful if you’re accessing telehealth services from a doctor remotely.

Withings/Nokia Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer
Requiring no direct skin-contact, the Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer can hygienically be used on multiple people without needing to be cleaned in between. When the device is swept across a forehead, 16 infrared sensors quickly provide a clinically accurate temperature reading.

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, it automatically syncs with the dedicated app. From the app, users can track temperature readings, set health reminders and input any related symptoms or medication you may be taking and receive tailored health advice on your smartphone. It can remember the data profiles for 8 different users and the battery lasts up to two years. A colour-coded LED indicator on the device can immediately tell you whether your temperature is normal, elevated or high, based on the age of the user.
Price: $179.00

Beurer FT109 Digital Express Thermometer
While this digital thermometer isn’t contactless like the Withings/Nokia model, it does come at a much lower price point. It is completely waterproof, so it can easily be disinfected after use. In just 10 seconds you can measure your temperature to within 0.1 degree of accuracy, with the temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit on the digital display. It also gives an audible signal for a high reading (over 37.8°C).
Price: $12.95

Sanitas SBM21 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Abiding by the World Health Organisation’s recommended guidelines for classification values (displayed in colours on the left upper side of the device), this upper arm blood pressure and pulse monitor provides you with the information needed to keep an eye on your blood pressure at home. It automatically inflates and deflates to gather accurate readings and also has arrhythmia detection, which can pick up possible heart disturbances. It has large, easy to use buttons, and a bright and large LCD display.
Price: $79.95

Beurer BM57 Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
With automatic inflation and deflation measurements, arrhythmia detection, the World Health Organisation’s classification values on the LCD display and portability, this model offers the same vital features as the Sanitas offering. However, it also has a smart component, using Bluetooth technology. It can connect to the Beurer HealthManager device, through which you can track how your blood pressure and pulse rate are going over time. You can also view a range of other data, such as your average morning and evening blood pressure for the last 7 days.
Price: $139.95

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat
By lying on the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat while you sleep, you can track your sleep cycles (with in-depth analysis on your deep, light and REM cycles) and heart rate, as well as detect snoring. The mat automatically syncs all of this info to your smart device via Wi-Fi, and from the Withings Health Mate app. The app assesses all of these metrics to create a Sleep Score, and also offers a sleep assistant program so you can improve this score over time. This mat is particularly useful for those worried about having sleep apnoea, as it can analyse breathing disturbances and patterns to determine if you have it. Approximately 80% of people that are affected by sleep apnoea don’t know that they are.

A fun feature of the Sleep Tracking Mat is its IFTTT integration capabilities. For example, once set up, you can have your lights automatically turn off when you crawl into bed, or your lights turn on when you get out of bed. You can find the full IFTTT integration possibilities here.
Price: $143.00

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