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Teens Say Twitter, Facebook Least Fave Social Platforms

It seems that teenagers are well aware of the toxic nature of Facebook and Twitter, with a survey of 10,000 American teenagers revealing the two platforms are by far the age group’s least favourite social media platform.

Analysts at the financial firm Piper Sandler issued a wide-ranging report ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ that surveyed teenagers about all aspects of their lives.

Snapchat is the most popular social media platform for teens, with 35 per cent naming it their fave. TikTok is second with 30 per cent preferring it, with 22 per cent labelling Instagram their favourite platform.

As for Twitter and Facebook, only 2 per cent of team named either as their favourite.

Although Facebook does obviously own Instagram, it’s heartening to see in cold hard data that the company doesn’t have quite the draw over teens that current controversies would have us believe.