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TCL Launch Family Tech Bundle With Smartwatch & Mini Tablet

TCL Communications has released a new family-friendly technology bundle featuring the new Alcatel TKEE Mini Tablet and the previously launched TCL MT40 Family Watch.

“In the digital world we live in, the bundle presents a great option for younger families, with children that might not yet be ready for their first smartphone,” said Sam Skontos, VP and Managing Director of TCL Mobile, South-East Asia & Pacific.

“It provides a way for these kids to stay connected with their parents as they head to kindergarten or prep-school with the smartwatch, as well as the option to play and learn at home with the tablet, in a way that removes the worry of the unfiltered and unseemly side of the internet that is all too easily stumbled upon with your typical tablet or phone.”

Alcatel TKEE Mini Tablet

The Alcatel TKEE Mini Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet that is built to be durable (with a sturdy, silicone bumper case) and easy to use. It features a selection of child-friendly games, an interactive book, and 30-minute alerts to encourage kids to take a screen break.

The TCL MT40 Family Watch is a smartwatch designed for children, with IP65 waterproofing, a 1.3-inch colour display and a changeable watch face.

It also allows kids to connect with their parents when they’re apart by direct calling, sending pictures, voice messages and emojis. Parents can see their child’s geolocation, and can send parents notifications if they leave customised safe zones.

TCL MT40 Family Watch

The TCL Kids Bundle is available from Big W now for a special price of $229 until 30th July. Following the sale, the bundle will be available for $279.

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