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TCL Bolsters Whitegoods Range With Air Cons, Washing Machines

TCL is known as leaders in the television market and are fast building a reputation as manufacturers of great, affordable 5G smart phones, with damn good screens.

But the company has also been making a mark in the whitegoods space. Along with its impressive range of smart fridges, TCL has also moved into washing machines and air conditioners, both of which are set to revolutionise the way you go about your daily chores.

In fact, if you have any of these appliances, I’m not even sure you can call them ‘chores’ anymore.



Having a P-series washing machine is like having a laundromat at your disposal. Coming in both 7.5 and 8.5KG front-loading models, the P-series boasts 16 washing programs to choose from, ranging from a high-temperature wash that is guaranteed to kill germs and clean anything you toss in it, through to an 18-minute quick wash cycle, for minor food stain emergencies where time is key.

There’s an Add Garmet feature, as well as Delay Start so you can set and forget. Despite the huge drum size, and the heft of these machines, the P-series are so quiet you won’t be sure you’ve turned it on, due to a brushless DC motor.

You can rest easy when it comes to your power usage, too, with 4 star energy and 4.5 star water efficiency ratings.

The 7.5KG retails for $599, with the 8.5KG at $699.


As I write this, Sydney is being promised a thirty degree day, and just the idea of TCL’s range of reverse cycle air conditioners is cooling me down a bit.

Ranging from 2.3KW to 7.2KW, the reverse cycle range will easily cool rooms and spaces of all sizes. This isn’t such your standard air con, blasting cool air within a five foot radius, or heat at the hands placed in front of it. As cold air falls, these air cons are designed to give ‘shower-style cooling’, which directs cool air to the roof of the room, much more a shower spray, allowing it to trickle down and cool the entire room quickly and efficiently.

For heating, it’ll do the opposite, directing airflow to the base of the room, heating quickly, and maximising efficiency. The room will heat up much faster. The ‘turbo start’ mode will speed up the cooling/heating even more, for when you just need the temperature to settle.

Extremes aren’t always what’s wanted, though, and the ‘gentle breeze’ mode pipes cool air out of 1,422 micro-holes (on the 7.2KW model) spaced across the S-Shaped airflow vanes, removing direct drafts and blasts of air. The air cons also filter out pollen, dust, and bacteria so you don’t need to worry about air quality.

A built-in thermometer will also measure the air around the unit, and adjust accordingly, to ensure the perfect temperature is maintained.

The range starts at $899 and tops out at $1,699

There also a 3.6KW portable model ($699) for the renters, which is a 3-in-1 fan, air con, and dehumidifier.


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