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Talk, See, Touch: New Samsung Appliances

As competition in the Australian market continues to heat up, Samsung has debuted a slew of new smart home appliances ‘down under’ – harnessing Wi-Fi connectivity, artificial intelligence, IoT and more, the products make way for a connected home ecosystem.

The range claims to significantly slash time associated with household tasks, featuring a new QuickDrive washing machine, Family Hub refrigerator and Powerstick Pro stick vacuum cleaner.

Consumers can control Samsung’s new smart home appliances via their phone, compatible TV and even fridge.

Samsung’s push into the premium appliance market takes on the likes of Korean rival, LG, who is building a comparative interconnected range.


QuickDrive Wachine Machine – (30-day Money Back Guarantee until 30th September)

The new QuickDrive washing machine features a technically advanced drum (‘Q-Drum’), which claims to reduce cycle times by up to 50%.

Clothes are pushed around in more directions than rival appliances, which Samsung asserts offers a faster more efficient clean.

The machine’s digital inverter also comes with a 11-year parts warranty.


Courtesy of Wi-Fi connectivity, the accompanying ‘SmartThings’ app offers a suite of additional options, including scheduled finish times. Troubleshoot notifications pertaining to the washing machine are also pushed onto a user’s smartphone/other connected devices.

From their smartphone, users can specify what types of garments are being washed, allowing the machine to automatically choose the best washing mode.

Like previous models, the machine features a handy ‘AddWash’ door, which allows users to wash additional items, at anytime during the wash cycle.

Australian pricing below:


Family Hub Fridge – (Launching in June for A$5,499)

Like Samsung’s QuickDrive washing machine, the Family Hub fridge is Wi-Fi connected and compatible with the SmartThings app.

From the fridge’s 21.5-inch LCD screen, users can stream music via Spotify, access Youtube, surf the internet, view recipes, their calendar (including Outlook & Gmail), write memos and more.

You can also cast material from a compatible Samsung TV directly onto the fridge’s screen.

A Woolworths app also enables users to order groceries online, directly from their fridge.

More apps are scheduled to launch shortly, including Uber, Nespresso and Ring (e.g. view and chat with whomever is outside via a Ring doorbell).

Utilising Samsung’s digital voice assistant, Bixby, users can interact with their fridge via voice control (e.g. set cooking times, play music).


Recognising that food waste is a major problem, the fridge features several cameras to view internal contents from the outside LCD screen. Forgoing the release of cold air, food is said to last longer, and reduce energy costs.

Claimed to offer better food management, users can input and save expiry dates, plus note dietary restrictions.

For the ‘forgetful shopper’, users can access their SmartThings smartphone app from the grocery store, to view inside their fridge.

Owners of Samsung’s older Family Hub fridges can upgrade to the new Family Hub 3.0 software from June 30th.

Powerstick Pro

Set to compete with the likes of Dyson and LG, Samsung has also released two new Powerstick Pro vacuum cleaners; one for A$699 and A$799.

Read more about Samsung’s new stick vacuums here.

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