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Samsung Power Stick Pro Twists & Turns

It’s all suck and power as Samsung moves to take on their competitors in the brutally competitive stick vac market.

Known for their unique cutting-edge product designs the new Samsung Power Stick Pro has some twists and turns of its own that sets this $799 device apart from the pack.

Boasting a 150-watt motor this top end stick vacs has a dual brush head as well as a unique handle, which folds to reduce wrist strain when you clean difficult low-down spaces such as under a settee.

The Power Stick Pro’s most noticeable design feature is a dual brush bar head. That’s one more brush bar than other vacuum cleaners. The bars spin in opposite directions, so you don’t need to sweep forwards and backwards.

It’s also seriously powerful.

Samsung says the Power Stick Pro’s digital inverter motor spins “faster than a tornado”. Whatever that means, it boasts 150W of suction power, versus the Dyson V8 Absolute’s 115W. Speaking of power, the 32.4V battery lasts for up to 40 minutes.

The Power Stick Pro also comes with HEPA filtration, which promises 99.9% of the dust collected stays in the canister. Good news for allergy sufferers.

“Samsung Electronics’ Power Stick Pro sets a new paradigm for cordless vacuum cleaners,” explains Samsung, “by combining industry-leading suction power, an ergonomic design that twists and turns for easy manoeuvring, and innovations that provide the ultimate cleaning solution.”

To really win you over, Samsung has also released an in-depth “vacuum experiments” video which you have got to see before you make a final decision on your next purchase.

There is also a cheaper $699 version of the Samsung Stick Vac.

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