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Take A Look At Dyson’s New Roomba Rival

British company Dyson has filed papers with the FCC that show the company is working on its latest robovac, after its 2014 Dyson 360 Eye struggles with supply chain issues.

“Dyson 360 VISNAV,” will come in a royal blue colourway, and sports ‘Dyson 360 Hyperdymium’ branding. Hyperdymium is Dyson’s own motor that can “run at speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute,” according to the company.

The filing also suggest the upcoming vacuum will be ‘lightweight’, and rather small in scale.

As always with FCC filings, this product may never see the light of day. But with last year’s 360 Eye Heurist robotic vacuum not for sale in the US, it seems likely this low-to-the-ground robot, with a built in light source, will be Dyson’s next big play at unseating the Roomba from its throne.


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