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IT Security Battle Gets Nasty

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Finjan has claimed since the battle came to court last year that two products, Webwasher and the obsolete CyberGuard TSP firewall, infringe three of its patents. Earlier this month, a jury agreed with Finjan, which left a US judge to award the company a 16 per cent levy on Secure’s sales of Webwasher up to September 9 2007, and half that on CyberGuard TSP up to June 2006.

Now Finjan says it wants the court to go even further by issuing a permanent injunction to stop Secure selling any of the disputed products at all.
And as an added demand, it also wants up to three times the rate of damages previously awarded, plus interest, and has also demanded that Secure pay all court costs.

Launching a defensive counter-attack, Secure Computing is fighting Finjan’s claims, filing two patent claims of its own, both of which were rejected in the recent judgement. The company claims it will now appeal to higher courts.

But say analysts, Secure is far from down and out in this legal contest that’s rapidly turning into a case of the immovable object battling the unstoppable force.

According to an official statement from Secure Computing, CyberGuard was no longer a current product, so the injunction would hit only one of their products, Webwasher.