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Symantec Unveils Norton Ghost 14.0

Symantec Unveils Norton Ghost 14.0

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Using Norton Ghost 14.0, users can quickly recover lost or damaged files and restore from system failures, even if their computer’s operating system does not start.

It also offers powerful protection and enhanced performance with new features, such as offsite backup to an FTP site or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices, in addition to standard features like remote management and LightsOut Restore capability. 

With Norton Ghost 14.0, users can backup an entire system or only specific files and folders.  Incremental backups and enhanced compression help reduce the amount of required storage, while the product’s encryption technology helps keep all of the stored data safe and protected.  Norton Ghost 14.0 also integrates with Google Desktop, providing users with access to fully-searchable backup indexes.

Norton Ghost 14.0 is available at www.symantecstore.com/au and at select retail locations for an estimated retail price of AU$99.95.