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Switch Success Super Smash Bros Reveals final character

The final addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line-up has been announced amidst fan fervour, with Kingdom Hearts favourite Sora set to join Nintendo’s massively popular fighting game.

With more than 24 million copies sold, SSB.U is one of the key franchises for Nintendo’s Switch console.

Sora was the most requested character to round out the game’s 82-strong cast of characters that includes the likes of Mario, Pac-Man and Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud. More than 600,000 fans watched the announcement via livestream.

Through three years of online support, players have been able to buy season passes to the game which allow them to buy the stream of characters, maps and other content.

This updating of titles instead of ploughing straight into sequels has been a smart move by gaming companies, adding extra revenue sources as well as keeping the games in the public eye.

Some games have even sold more copies years down the track than they did originally.

While Nintendo were slow to adapt to this model, they have embraced it. Their marketing strategy for SSB.U has also been successful, with each character reveal treated as a unique event.

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