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Struggling Oppo Rolls Out New Foldable $1,200 More Expensive Than Current Model

Despite a big song and dance act in Singapore yesterday, for the launch of a new foldable smartphone, Chinese brand Oppo is struggling to get Western retailers to stock their new foldable smartphone, with price being just one of the problems.

The launch of their Find N3 Flip and Oppo Pad 2 was short on details as to where it will be sold and more so sell in numbers.

The current model Oppo Find N2 Flip 5G with 256GB, is on sale at JB Hi Fi, however sales are poor and the distributor OMC Electronics has only bought in limited number with Australia being one of the few Countries in the world outside of China to range the device.

Even Chinese media claimed at the launch in Singapore yesterday, that ‘Oppo shared painstakingly little about their specific market availability’ which is unusual for a smartphone Company.

At the recent launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip 5 the South Korean Company was able to name carriers and multiple retailers who would sock their new foldable offering as well as on sale dates and offers.

Michael Tran who describes himself on his LinkedIn page as worldwide head of marketing at Oppo as well as Managing Director of Oppo Australia when he is in fact a director of OMC Electronics a Company that is wallowing in debt, and struggling to grow Oppo share in Australia claims the new Find N3 ” pushes the boundaries of innovation”.

He claims that the Oppo new device will “Reshape the smartphone landscape in Australia” without naming the carriers or retailers who will stock the device.

According to IDC’s latest data due to be released shortly, Oppo who after exiting the premium end of the smartphone market is witnessing double digit declines in sales in Australia with Motorola and Samsung with their A series picking up the business.

The new Find N3 is 21.2mm taller than the previous model and now measures 153.4mm (H) x 143.1mm (W) depth is 5.8mm.

Oppo have also introduced a Flexion Hinge that is lighter and more durable due to the use of zirconium-based liquid metal.

There are three cameras, a 48MP wide camera, 64MP telephoto camera and 48MP ultra-wide camera.

Like most foldables the device has fast charging tech that delivers full charge in just 42 minutes.

It comes in two colours but only black will be available in Australia at an RRP of $2699 which is a big jump from the current model N2 Find which is selling at JB Hi Fi for $1,499.

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