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Struggling B&O Debut’s $100K 88″ LG OLED TV

Their share price is languishing, but this has not stopped Bang & Olufsen rolling out one of the most expensive LG OLED combination TV’s.

As retailers such as Len Wallis and Tivoli in Victoria roll out new B&O shop within a shop operations after their own retail network was closed down in Australia the Danish audio Company now wants consumers to pay close to $100,000 for a new 88″ TV complete with a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

The Beovision Harmony was first shown off in Milan last year, now it is being rolled out to retailers, what is not known is who will pay for floor stock, the brand or the retailer.

Previously available in 65-inch and 77-inch sizes, the new model has the latest LG OLED screen and the new a9 Gen 3 processor – also used in other 2020 LG TVs such as the LG CX, LG GX Gallery Series, and LG WX OLEDs.

The first thing that sets this TV apart is the all new sleek fold-out ‘wings’ that consist of an oak and aluminium panel that partially covers the screen when not in use.

According to Bang & Olufsen the new TV will start arriving in stores “from the end of June 2020” options include “warm brass tone aluminium” with “smoked oak,” and “bronze tone aluminium with walnut”.

As of last night, Bang & Olufsen shares had fallen 3.39% to just $29.38 Danish Kroner.

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