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Start-Ups Abandon Hot Desking

SYDNEY: Australian start-ups are looking to exit their hot-desking contracts as the coronavirus sets in.

A number of independent Australian co-working spaces have been forced to close after failing to keep their memberships over the past two weeks, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report.

Advice from global health authorities has been for citizens to continue working from home unless it is not possible to do so. 

This has left early-stage businesses around the world negotiating with co-working spaces to either exit contracts or pause membership fees. 

Melbourne entrepreneurs Jodie and Erz Imam closed their co-working space Depo8 after going from 83 percent capacity to zero once coronavirus conditions hit.

The founders say they are set to be out of pocket by at least $100,000 after having to sell-off the 80-strong office fitout. 


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