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Stan Could Be Planning A Price Hike

Video streaming service Stan could be planning to increase the prices and reduce the quality of its plans.

Following in the footsteps of Netflix’s Australian operation earlier this month, Stan is reportedly testing a number of temporary changes at certain times according to The Australian Financial Review.

Among the changes tested is the introduction of a third price tier between $12 and $13 month, on top of the existing $10 standard plan and $15 premium plan introduced last month.

While currently supporting Full HD video on three devices simultaneously, the $10 standard plan tested by Stan only offered standard definition video on a single device.

Users hoping to keep the features of the existing $10 plan would have to move to the $12-$13 plan, while the features of the $15 plan, including 4K UHD quality and four simultaneous streams, would remain the same.

Netflix did not change any of its features during testing last month, but instead trialed a price increase that temporarily affected the price of its plans across the board, potentially to pass on the costs of the ‘Netflix tax’ set to be introduced on July 1 this year.

According to The Australian Financial Review, Stan has not made a final decision on whether to introduce the price increases.

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