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Spotify is reportedly gaining Siri support in iOS 13 after an extended feud between Apple and the music streaming provider.

The Verge has been able to beta test the latest version of Spotify that includes support for streaming Spotify songs, albums and playlists via Siri.

Introduced alongside iOS 13; Apple has introduced new compatibilities for third-party streaming services to use Siri, with the new Spotify app expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Siri support for Spotify has been a long time coming for fans of the green music streaming service, with the company embroiled in a legal battle with Apple.

Pubically kicked off on 13 March 2019 when Spotify filed for an unfair competition complaint against Apple with the European Commission (EC).

Spotify also had a message for Apple that identified issues with the Californian tech giant App Store via a website and YouTube video.

Apple’s response two days later expressed their own grievances with Spotify.

Fortunately, this latest update bodes well for negotiations between the companies.

However, Spotify appears to be downplaying Siri integration suggesting to The Verge that the beta test is just ‘ paving the parth for our broader user experience’.

‘We aren’t going to comment on specific tests at this time’ said a Spotify spokesperson.

Access to the beta testing has been limited, with only a select number of tests allowed at a time through Apple’s Testflight program.

Beta testers will be able to call upon Siri to launch music through Spotify to play through their iPhone of AirPods, though Podcast playback appears to not be functional at this stage.

The Apple watch has been omitted from the functionality extension as it does not have its own dedicated Spotify watch app.

Reportedly the HomePod will also be excluded from the Siri functionality, which was also a point of contention between Apple and Spotify.

Whether or not this latest development between the two will have any bearing on the EC unfair competition lawsuit is to be seen.

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