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Spotify Now Allows Creators To Monetise Their Podcasts

Spotify have rolled out a paid subscription platform for podcasts, that will allow podcasters to earn money through its Anchor network.

The program launches in the U.S. today and will “expand internationally in the coming months.”

Podcasters can cherry pick episodes to be ‘subscriber-only’ through Spotify and other platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google, and Overcast.

In terms of money, Spotify are giving a two-year window in which podcasters will receive 100 per cent of the profits (minus payment transaction fees), with Spotify planning to take a five per cent cut from 2023.

“By enabling wide distribution of subscriber-only content, our aim is to help podcasters maximise their subscription audiences and grow them from their existing listener bases,” the service explains in a press release.

“Within Spotify, this content will be searchable and discoverable like any other podcast episode.”

NPR have struck a deal with Spotify to publish a number of sponsor-free podcasts for paid subscribers. This will begin May 4, and includes shows such as How I Built This with Guy RazShort WaveIt’s Been a Minute with Sam SandersCode Switch, and Planet Money.

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