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Sony Pulls Out A Classic To Emulate Nintendo’s Success

In an effort to emulate the success of arch rival Nintendo Sony has pulled out a brand-new PlayStation Classic hand console that will go on sale in Australia just in time for Xmas for an estimate $149.

Much like Nintendo’s mini consoles, the PS Classic is half the size of the original and can be connected to a TV via HDMI power is supplied via a standard Micro USB cable. The system will not come with an AC adapter, but you may need one if your TV doesn’t have USB ports.

The PlayStation Classic is also apparently 45% smaller on the sides and 80% smaller in terms of its overall volume compared to the original console. Thankfully, it looks like the pads haven’t had this size reduction though, as that would have been rather painful to play with.

The new device is small enough to hold with one hand and barely wider than its own controller which includes two original-style gamepads.

Sony has already put the PlayStation Classic up for pre-order. So far, it’s not sold out, though it might go quickly if it’s anything like the NES Classic and SNES Classic. We don’t know what issues the hardware may have, but if you want to be one of the first gamers to own one, jump onto the Best Buy web site. They will ship to Australia and due to the power set up you won’t have a problem in Australia.

After the success of Nintendo’s miniature NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles, Sony is looking emulate their success and capitalise n the return to nostalgia products.

The system will come preloaded with 20 games, which may vary by region. However, for those who still own discs from the original version of this console the sad news is that they will not be playable.

Sony says they will be “fan favourites,” including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Jumping Flash. The exact line-up for the Australian market isn’t yet known.

According to a translation of Sony’s Japanese blog post, it appears that players won’t be able to download additional games online. This makes some sense given the large multi-disc size of some PlayStation games, and it’s par for the course—Nintendo did the same thing with its special edition consoles.

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