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Sony Leads The Pack On VR, Says Research Firm

The founder of 01consulting has released a new report, entitled VR or VRn’t? That is the question, that paints a picture of where the VR market is as it heads into 2017.

The firm’s founder Darius Lahoutifard told VentureBeat that “Sony (PSVR) is clearly leading and is taking one third of the whole market. This is thanks to a) the large installed base of about 40-50 million Playstations sold to users who are the perfect target for a VR upgrade and b) the best balance of price/performance for the VR headset around the $300-$400 price point.”

As part of the research, firm evaluated and estimated product sales for over 30 companies and 40 products globally through revenues and units sold/used for each of the vendors to try and get a picture of the state of the VR space as the category heads into a holiday season many analysts believe will make-or-break it.


The data shows that while Sony has a sizeable lead over other players (likely due to their established user-base and lower price-point), Facebook, Google, Samsung and HTC are all holding their own sizable slices of the pie.

Another interesting thing to note about the graph is that it measures both hardware and software sales, with the latter taking up 33% of total sales.

Lahoutifard expects this dynamic to shift in future, as software sales naturally become more important.

“Hardware vendors had to ship their kits to developers. Now that there are enough headsets out there in users’ hands (or rather on their heads), it’s time to accelerate generation of content (games, mobile apps, desktop applications, etc). The result of this effort will be more VR games and applications in the coming months and years,” he says.