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Sony Dump Hausmann PR

Sony Australia has dumped Hausmann Communications as their public relations agency.

Effective immediately Sony PR will be handled by Adhesive PR. Their brief covers TV, Digital Imaging, and Video and Sound.

The move is a major blow to Hausmann who have handled the Sony PR account for several years and was a major contributor to the Companies revenues.

According to several observers Sony PR had become “stale” under Hausmann management.


The Company also engaged in selective media management. If a media Company did not write a “positive” story they got banned.

On one occasion, I asked for a comment from Hausmann re the fact that IDC had released research that revealed a major slump in Sony Mobile numbers, Hausmann responded claiming that “We do not comment on rumour or speculation”.

The IDC numbers were supplied to IDC by Sony Mobile.

When Sony sales started to collapse and the Company started laying off tens of thousands of employees. Sony Australia demanded that 4Square Media “take the story down”. We refused.

Hausmann then stopped inviting SmartHouse and ChannelNews to events a move that backfired when we revealed that Sony Australia had been fined several million dollars by the ATO for tax avoidance.

We also exposed that several Sony management had been fired following an investigation of the Australian operation.

Hausmann have not commented on their sacking.

4Square Media understands that Adhesive PR could eventually pick up Sony Mobile and Sony Computer Entertainment.

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