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Sony Bring HDR And 4K To PS4 With New Models

Sony have revealed two new additions to their Playstation gaming family at a product showcase this morning.

The first was the slimmer Playstation 4. A quarter of the weight of the original PS4, it’s also 34% more energy efficient.

It’ll arrive in stores with either 500GB of storage at AUD$439.95 from September 16th or 1TB of storage at an RRP of $509.95 from September 29th.

Meanwhile the PS4 Neo, now officially unveiled as the PS4 Pro, promises to to bring support for HDR gaming and better performance to the platform.

It touts both upgrades to the consoles CPU and GPU.

Games developer Bioware have released footage of their upcoming science fiction game Mass Effect: Andromeda running on the new console.

It’ll also support 4K video playback for streaming services like Netflix. However, it won’t be able to play 4K Blu-ray.

This HDR support will be patched into both these new models and original PS4 from as soon as next week.

Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia and New Zealand commented:

“Our vision is to present a clear choice to the gamer and we are steadfast in our commitment to being the best place to play.”

“Today’s announcements are testament of this. With PlayStation 4 Pro, we look forward to introducing our players to our most powerful home console with the offering of the first class 4K and HDR technology. At 30% reduced size, the new model PS4 offers great value for the gamer and will also join the HDR revolution from next week,” he said.

The Playstation 4 Pro lands on Australian shores from November 10th at an RRP of $559.95.

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