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Sonos Slugs Aussies With $60 Markup On Roam

Sonos’ long-awaited Roam portable smart speaker has finally been officially announced – and Aussies will have to pay a $60 markup over the American price.

The Sonos Roam, set to release on April 20, is available for preorder now at a $279 AUD price point. This is more than the $199 ChannelNews tipped last week, and is a substantial jump over the $169 USD price Americans will pay, which converts to $219 AUD.

Available in black or white, the Roam features wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity; Apple AirPlay; and voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Its battery lasts for up to 10 hours continuous play and 10 days when not in use, charging via USB-C, Qi, or a magnetic charger sold separately, and its IP67 water- and dust-proofing is coupled with silicone end caps and physical buttons to protect from drops and bumps.

Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, says these features are designed to allow customers to take the Sonos experience with them when they go.

“It’s not only our smartest and most versatile speaker, it’s also our most affordable. Roam provides the opportunity for millions of new customers to get started with Sonos, and is the right product at the right time as we begin to gather again with friends and family,” he said.

The Roam also features Automatic Trueplay, which tunes its sound for the best listening experience for the environment. According to Emily Lazar, mastering engineer and member of the Sonos sound board, the speaker feels “big and genuine” for a small, portable device.

“It doesn’t sound forced or artificial and that’s a testament to its technical design. It’s unique in its class because it actually performs like a finely tuned speaker as opposed to a megaphone,” she said.

Sonos’ flagship portable smart speaker, the Sonos Move, is more than double the price at $649 AUD.

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