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Sonos Introduces New Software Updates As New Competition Emerges

Sonos who is set to come under pressure from a new generation of ultra high-res audio players has moved to update their controller app, a beta version for Android and IOS devices and a new Desktop Controllers for Mac and PC is now available.

Currently several large retailers in Australia are reevaluating their networked audio product line up.

Among the companies introducing new products to compete against Sonos are Paradigm, Bluesound and Heos from Denon.

Among the Sonos updates is the ability to start a song from an album, playlist or queue, and have Sonos immediately continue with the next song in the track list.

It is also easier to access the Play All and Shuffle functions, which now appear at the top of the Album and Playlist screens.

Other key features include:
*Tap to Play: Tap a song on your phone or tablet and it starts instantly. No need to select Play Now or Play Next. If using a computer, just double click to play.

*New Queue Build: Adding songs to your queue has changed slightly. Instead of directly tapping a song title to open up your listening options, touch the three dots that now appear to the right of it. Then users can Play Now, Play Next, or Add to End of Queue as before.

*Room Grouping Simplified: If users want to play different songs in different rooms, the app will send the right song to the right room.

Sonos also announced it has added Bandcamp to its supported streaming services.