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Sonos Outrage Customers With Privacy Policy ‘Ultimatum’

Premium sound system maker, Sonos, have outraged customers by releasing a new ‘ultimatum-like’ privacy policy.

Should users not agree to the latest terms, their speakers will longer update and soon “cease to function”.

Sonos have recently unveiled integration with voice-enabled smart speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Upon rolling out the integration, the company will start obtaining more customer data inclusive of; system errors, audio settings and other user account information.

A spokesperson for Sonos reportedly stated:

“If a customer chooses not to acknowledge the privacy statement, the customer will not be able to update the software on their Sonos system, and over time the functionality of the product will decrease”.

Advocates for consumer privacy, and angry users, soon flocked to social media to voice their outrage.

Canadian designer, Jim Oslen, tweeted; “I’ll happily toss my system if true. Privacy matters and good companies respect their customers. Your move @sonos”.

Word is, Sonos have somewhat refuted claims that its speakers would completely stop working, should users not give their permission to release their data.

However, statements from company spokespersons suggest it will maintain a strong focus on data collection, going into the future.

“No one can really opt out of a privacy policy… It’s not like we’re collecting a whole lot of personal information.”

Sonos Chief Legal Officer Craig Shelburne stated:

“We will be transparent about what data we’re collecting and why. We will protect your data as though it is sacred”.

Whilst customers are able to restrict some personal information from being collected, it will not include “functional data” inclusive of; IP address, email address, device data, room names, error data and Wi-Fi antenna information.

Data collected may, according to context, be shared with Sonos’ partners:

“Because Sonos is a platform that partners with streaming services and other home devices, we do share some data with our partners that is necessary for making the partner service work on Sonos and providing a quality experience”.

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