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Smartphone Sell Through Falling iPhone 15 Under Pressure As Sales Slow

Smartphone sell through is not happening, with new research revealing that between July and the end of September global smartphone sales fell 8%.

The latest report from Counterpoint suggests slower consumer demand is the main factor in the dwindling sales, also facing problems is Apple who after stuffing the channel with stock is facing slow sell through in key markets in particular China.

The big winner is Samsung’s A series smartphones which took top spot globally with 20% of total sales.

In South Korea Samsung is witnessing a surge in demand for their premium smartphones driven by their foldable range that includes the new Flip and Fold 5 devices.

In Samsung’s home market shipments of premium smartphones, priced at $1,200 or above, such as Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Ultra series and the iPhone Pro and Pro Max series, jumped 18.7 percent from a year ago, as demand for high-end phones remained strong.

The premium category took up 57 percent of the total number of products shipped.

Overall global smartphone sell-through rates have declined by 8% during the July-September period compared to values from the same period last year.

Despite posting record pre-order records, Apple is now facing slower than anticipated sales of its iPhone 15 series in China according to new reports.

Based on data collected by Counterpoint, sales of the iPhone 15 in China are down 4.5% compared to the iPhone 14 generation during the first 17 days after their release.

Analysts from Jefferies Group estimate an even steeper, double-digit drop.

In China Huawei reportedly outsold Apple with its newly launched Mate 60 series and Jefferies analysts believe that Huawei could realistically outperform Apple in 2024.

The iPhone 15 series launch was also plagued by overheating issues which likely attributed to the lowered demand in China along with recent bans on the use of iPhones.

In an effort to try and get the ban on the use of iPhones by Chinese Government employees Apple CEO made an unexpected visit to China this week.

It is his second trip to China this year – in March he said Apple had a “symbiotic” relationship with China, a key manufacturing base.

But the firm’s operations in the country have been complicated by Covid and US-China tensions.

Mr Cook’s visit included a trip to Apple’s Taikoo Li store to meet young players of Tencent’s Honour of Kings online battle game.

Mr Cook, who has been CEO since 2011, is regarded as the architect of Apple’s embrace of Chinese manufacturing, but the relationship has had its ups and downs in recent years.

The BBC claims that Covid restrictions hit production in China, and geopolitical tensions with the US have added to supply chain concerns. Recently the company has sought to increase production in India.

Tough US export controls on advanced technology have made it hard for Chinese firms such as Huawei to produce models that can match the iPhone.

But the launch in August of Huawei’s sell-out Mate 60 Pro phone, which contained advanced Chinese-made chips, suggested rivals were catching up.

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